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Welcome to our testimonials page. Here, you'll find firsthand accounts of the transformative results our clients have achieved through our service offerings. These success stories serve as proof of our commitment to helping coaches, consultants, and digital product creators maximize their online presence and amplify their businesses.

Over $1.6 Million In Revenue Generated

Over $4 Million Handled In Ad Spend For Clients

Hundreds Of Happy And Successful Business

Over 50M Collectively Made By Clients

“All of this, the car, the penthouse wouldn’t have been possible without you”

Philip Johansen

"I Actually Doubled My Revenue Now And Made Multiple 6 Figures Thanks To Dan Khan"

Will Tseng

"This Guy Is A Wizard"

Aaron Chen

"If You Need Any Help With Anything Written, Sales Copy/Emails, Reach Out To Dan And I'm Sure He Can Increase Your Conversions"

Jonas Lindgren

"This Framework Allowed Me To Get Free Buyers To My Business"

LJ Aviles

“A man of character, a man of value and you are safe under his guidance”

Shawn Josiah

"Ever Since I Worked With Dan... I've Since Hit $20,000 In A Single Month...He Is A Game Changer"

Bill Ang

"This Guy Is Taking Paid Traffic And Making Magic With It. Like Harry F*king Potter"

Jamie Lewis

"Thanks To Dan's Proven Strategies, I Managed To Scale My Business To $25,000/Month"

JJ Foo

"After Applying His Strategies, It Literally Changed My Business"


"His Strategies Has Helped Me Make An Excess Of $10,000+ Per Month"

John Newman

And Of Course I Love To Meet

My Students And Clients!

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