FTC Compliance

At Khan Marketing Dynasty, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics and compliance in all of our business practices. This commitment extends to ensuring full compliance with the guidelines established by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), particularly in relation to advertising, marketing practices, and the clear communication of any guarantees or claims.

Advertising and Marketing Practices
Truthful Representation: All advertising materials and statements made by Khan Marketing Dynasty are designed to convey honest representations of our services, potential outcomes, and the experiences of our clients.
Evidence-Based Claims: Any claims regarding the efficacy of our services, including the potential for profit or success as a result of using our “One Video to Millions” packages, are based on our own data and experiences. We avoid making any unsubstantiated claims.
Transparency: We provide a clear and accessible refund policy, outlining the conditions under which refunds are or are not available for our services. This is communicated to our clients before the purchase of any service package.
Guarantees and Claims
Clear Communication of Guarantees: The profit guarantee associated with our “One Video to Millions Revolution” package is communicated clearly, detailing precisely what is guaranteed, the conditions of the guarantee, and the steps we will take if the guarantee is not met.
Limitations and Conditions: All guarantees or claims made by Khan Marketing Dynasty are subject to terms and conditions which are communicated transparently to our clients. We ensure that our clients understand the nature of any commitments we make regarding our services.
No Guarantee of Universal Success: We acknowledge that the success of marketing and advertising strategies can vary significantly based on numerous factors beyond our control. As such, while we offer specific guarantees under certain conditions, we do not guarantee universal success or specific income outcomes for all clients.
Commitment to Compliance
Ongoing Monitoring: Khan Marketing Dynasty  commits to ongoing monitoring of our compliance with FTC guidelines, ensuring our practices remain in alignment with any updates or changes to these regulations.
Client Education: We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge, including the understanding of what our services can realistically achieve. As part of our commitment to FTC compliance, we provide all prospective clients with comprehensive information regarding the nature of our services, what they can expect, and the basis of any claims or guarantees we make.
Khan Marketing Dynasty’s dedication to ethical practices and FTC compliance is central to our business philosophy. Our goal is to provide valuable, effective services while maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients. Should you have any questions or require additional information regarding our compliance practices, please feel free to contact us at dan@dandimes.com