Traffic Secrets: Russell Brunson’s New Book l What Is It And Is It Worth It?

Traffic Secrets: Russell Brunson’s New Book l What Is It And Is It Worth It?

Traffic Secrets! Traffic Secrets! Traffic Secrets!

You might have heard a lot about the book Traffic Secrets even before its pre-launch. It was in the eyes of marketers and entrepreneurs when Russell Brunson announced that he is going to write a book, and it will be soon in the market. Now, the time is almost over, the book is near to its pre-launch that will start from March 17th, 2020, and it will be shipped till May 5th, 2020. If you are an entrepreneur, then you might have heard a lot about this book, but if not, then don’t worry. We are going to explore everything about the book and its writer in this article.

About the Author

The author of this book is Russell Brunson, who is the co-founder of ClickFunnels—a platform renowned for providing the best payroll services to help you make highly converting funnels with ease. He is a successful entrepreneur who has earned a lot from his business through his strategies. Now, there are over a hundred thousand users of ClickFunnels to date. He made millions in business, and now his businesses are valued at several hundred million dollars. Now, you can see how wise and knowledgeable he is. If you want to be a successful businessman by the end of month, you can read this article.

He always cares to provide value to the customers. Therefore, he reveals his secrets and provides tons of information to people. His previous books, DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets are the best-selling books. People have learned a lot through them and implemented the strategies. They have seen the benefits. Now, it’s the time for his new book and people are waiting for it.

Why are people excited about Traffic Secrets?

We all know traffic is an important thing for every online business. Everyone loves to have traffic to get more sales and conversions. There are many methods and platforms from which you can get traffic, then why this book is in demand. Don’t worry because we will explore the reasons.

There is no doubt that website traffic has immense value, and entrepreneurs and businessmen try to apply dozens of tactics to get more and more traffic. Most of the tactics don’t work; there are only a few tactics that professionals and experts know. But they don’t share them with everyone. This book is for sharing the traffic secrets that will bring traffic to your website from the right sources.

A Book for Everyone

Astonishingly, this book is not only in the eyes of new entrepreneurs and marketers, but the experts and successful entrepreneurs also want this. The entrepreneurs who already have a lot of traffic and sales also love to have this book. Everyone is curious about the book and to learn the secrets of driving traffic.

One of the reasons for writing the book was already told by Russell Brunson long ago. He asked, what if Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media and paid ads fail in the future? What if they crash tomorrow? If it happens, then many people or entrepreneurs will be out of the business because many websites get traffic through these paid advertisements and social media campaigns. Not all people drive traffic using other ways. Russell Brunson has discussed the secrets of driving traffic from other sources. He has revealed his secrets of getting over tens of millions of people per month on his website. He showed the simple tactics that every business can implement. According to him, even if the company doesn’t know about the traffic, the strategy can be implemented. This is the reason that everyone is curious about the book.

What is in the Book?

This book is all about telling the secrets of getting tons of traffic on your websites by implementing simple strategies. This will help you get the customers you want. They will be willing to purchase your product.

Russell Brunson has written almost 98,000 words to explain all the secrets. It took two years to complete the book, including all kinds of revisions. The book has 20 secrets of driving traffic to the websites or funnels. Not only the traffic driving secrets, but this book also has the strategies and tactics that you need to implement after driving the traffic. Most of the conversion and sales happen when people come to the website or the funnel. So, this is the place where the conversion takes place. After driving the traffic, you need to handle it as well.

Content of the Book

The book is not in the hands of people till now, so no one can completely explain what is in the book. But Russell Brunson has taught an important strategy that is Follow Up Funnels in a recent live event. He told all the steps that you need to take to turn the people into customers. He discussed how to work at different stages and what to do with the information that you have collected from the visitor. For example, if the visitor has left his/her email, phone number, or anything, then how can you use that to convince him/her to buy the product. He explained the frequency of sending emails, calls, and everything so that the user cannot be annoyed with your marketing or branding.

This was just the one thing that he explained in the live event. There are many secrets in the book that you can learn and follow to leverage your business. Indeed, no one has read the book now, but it is sure that this book has a lot to offer to its readers. This will be beneficial for every marketer, entrepreneur, businessman, etc.

Price and Launch of the Book

Like the previous books of Russell Brunson, this book is free. You just need to pay the shipping fee, and that is all. The pre-launch of the book is on March 17th, 2020, and you can get a free copy of the book. There will be a live event launch from April 6th to April 8th. Twenty winners will get a chance to attend the live event as well. The winner’s list will be announced on 30th May. From April 9th to May 5th, there will be a special launch. After that, the book will be shipped on May 5th. Join the pre-launch list today before it is too late.

Final Thought

Traffic Secrets is hopefully going to be the best-selling book of Russell Brunson. He rates this book as the best book of his life. Like his previous books, this book also has a lot to offer its readers. It will help you get the traffic to your website using simple strategies. It will worth it, so it is better to grab your book as soon as possible


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