DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets: An Overview

DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets: An Overview

DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets are books that are very popular in the online marketing world. If you are an entrepreneur or marketer, then you must have heard about them. These books are one of the best-selling books with excellent reviews and outcomes. People who have read these books and implemented their strategies have improved their businesses and marketing. No doubt that the word “Secrets” in the name of both books is 100% true. These books are full of secrets that every marketer and entrepreneur should know. So, we are going to tell you all about these books and the author. We will discuss the content of the books separately. Let’s start the discussion.

About the Author

The author of these books is Russell Brunson, who doesn’t need an introduction. He is a legendary entrepreneur who has made hundreds of millions in his online business. He is the co-founder of ClickFunnels, which is the best platform so far to build a quick, easy, and high converting sales funnel. More than a hundred thousand people are using it to build their business.

Russell has a lot of experience and expertise that he has gained through different businesses. He has been doing online businesses for more than a decade. As an entrepreneur, he knows what people need today. Therefore, he tries to deliver all those secrets to people. He provides value to people. The lessons that people learn from Russell’s books are invaluable. He shares the secrets that work in the modern-day; everything is up to date.

DotCom Secrets

This is the book of Russel Brunson, which is now the best-selling book in the US and appeared in the USA Today bestseller list. This book was a huge success, and its success says it all. People who have learned from it have made their business successful. This book has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 on Amazon, while the total reviews are over one thousand. The above figures show the quality of the content and the secrets that he has delivered in it. The Hardcover version is available on Amazon at $26.99, and the Paperback is available at $12.14. It is also Amazon’s best-selling book. In total, there are over two hundred copies sold to date.

This book is all about gaining customers. It teaches you all from the start to the end. You will learn how to engage customers, how to communicate with them, how to bind them for future marketing, etc. The book has thirteen secrets that are explained in five sections. The five sections that are,

  1. Ladders and Funnels
  2. Communication Funnel
  3. Funnelology
  4. Funnels and Scripts
  5. ClickFunnels

The First Section: Ladders and Funnels

The first section is all about ladders and funnel. Russell builds a concept of ladders that is supposed to be climbed by the people or your customers. He makes a scenario that you are new in the market, and you have several products with different price ranges. You would love to sell your most expensive product so that you can earn. But this will not be a successful path. You should first take your lowest price product in the market so that people can easily take the risk. Once the people are satisfied with your lowest price product, then you can take them further on the ladder. This is how the customer climbs the ladder. Further, he explains a little about the funnel in the section. He tells how you can be successful in a funnel by understanding your customers.

The Second Section: Communication Funnel

The second chapter is all about communication funnels. If you have a customer or email list, then how to approach your customers. You would always understand the problem if your problem is relatable. This attracts people. He explains that it is important to build a character that shows the problems that the customer has. Once the customer relates those problems and finds the solutions to those problems in your email, then he will be interested. Russell shows the process and steps.

The Third Section: Funnelology

Russell is a funnel expert or Funnel Hacker. He explains everything about the funnels in this section from the very basics. You will learn how to have a successful funnel and how it can perform better. He explains about the types and components of funnels.

The Fourth Section: Funnels and Scripts

In this section, the author explains about the sales funnel for different purposes. He talks about the most useful funnels that are for sales, webinars, etc. He takes you in the details of these and tells you about their scripts as well. You will get to know how to implement these funnels.  

The Final Section: ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is one of the best platforms to make funnels without any hassle. You don’t need to be an expert. Russell explains how you can make different types of funnels through ClickFunnels. We all know that there is no one better than Russell, who can explain ClickFunnels.

Expert Secrets

This book of Russell was published in 2017. Like DotCom Secrets, this book is also praised by its readers. On Amazon, this book has a rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the total reviews are near 500. This book has changed the life and business of many people. There are many examples, such as Caleb Maddix, Garrett J. White, Emily Shai, etc. It can help you convey your words to people. The Paperback version is available on Amazon at $11.99.

The book revolves around how you gather or address a huge audience. It will help you to convert your specialties and skills into a business. It will create an audience that will pay for your advice. You will learn how to speak and spread your voice with confidence. It will make you a leader. This book also has five sections. Let’s see what is in them.

  1. Creating a Mass Movement
  2. Creating a Belief
  3. Moral Obligation
  4. The Funnels
  5. What’s Next?

The First Section: Creating a Mass Movement

In the first section, you will know about leadership and how to become a leader. It will convince you to believe that leaders are not born; they are made. There are tips and secrets to become an attractive leader. Russell explains how you can start your business and make your brand. He explains how to target audiences and convert them into followers or customers.

The Second Section: Creating a Belief

Nobody is going to invest or spend money in your business unless you convince him. If people believe in your offering, then they will buy your product. Russell explains the important secrets behind convincing audiences. This will not only teach to build the right belief of your customers about your product, but it will also teach how to break the false beliefs.

The Third Section: Moral Obligation

To reach customers, you need to break the ice, and this section is all about that. You will learn how to communicate with your customers and remove all the barriers that are in between. He teaches how to give value and services to the customers. You will be able to convey something that will be beneficial for the audience.

The Fourth Section: The Funnels

The fourth section is making good funnels to gather audiences. You will learn how to make perfect webinar models and how to make them successful. He teaches the funnel method that will get more and more customers by making the funnels in the right way.

The Last Section: What’s Next?

After deciding the skills that you want to promote, audience, and funnel, now it’s time to get traffic to your funnels. The last section covers all the secrets to bring traffic to your funnels.

Final Thought

Both books are outstanding. These can make you an excellent entrepreneur and online marketer. The secrets that they carry have no suitable worth in terms of money because they are beyond that. Russell has taught every secret to the audience to provide value. This is the reason that his books are still praised.

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