Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Affiliate marketing is an ideal method of making passive income. Although it takes time, it’s worth every second. You can earn commissions by promoting different products. Many people try affiliate marketing, but they fail because they don’t get the right direction. Indeed, affiliate marketing is beneficial, but it is not easy. You need to learn and do a lot of hard work using the right strategies. Choosing the right strategy is key. It is necessary to pick the right products and programs. Therefore, beginners try to find some popular and beneficial affiliate programs. Today, we are going to tell you about the top 5 affiliate programs that are excellent to for starting affiliate marketing.

The top affiliate marketing platforms are,

  • Legendary Marketer
  • Six Figure Mentors
  • ClickBank University
  • ClickFunnels
  • Bluehost

Let’s discuss all in detail.

Legendary Marketer

The legendary marketer affiliate program is an excellent platform where you can promote different products to earn a handsome commission. The legendary marketer is an educational platform where one can learn online marketing. The courses are excellent and one of a kind. Therefore, people love to learn from the experts to make their business successful. Additionally, if you want to increase your sales, you can click here for 3D billboard advertising. Due to high-quality content and courses, it would be appropriate to promote such kind of products. Not only that, but you will also earn a handsome commission by promoting legitimate and beneficial products.

There are a monthly subscription plan and a few digital products (courses). You can promote them and earn commissions. There can be two types of affiliates that are PRO Affiliates and Basic Affiliates. For Pro Affiliates, you need to create a pro account and pay $29.95 per month. In contrast, there is no fee for basic affiliates. The difference between these two types of affiliates is the commission percentage. A pro affiliate can earn a commission from 40% to 60%, while the basic affiliate receives 10-30%. So, you can choose whatever you want, but as a beginner, the basic affiliate is better.

The monthly subscription of Legendary Marketer’s club is $30. A pro earns $18, and a basic affiliate earns $9. The pro commission value ranges from $18-$2,999, while the basic commission is in the range of $9 to $749.75. Now, you can understand the difference between the two affiliates. Overall, the commission is excellent.

Becoming an affiliate is not just a sign-up process. You need to follow a criterion to get approval. You need to do all the necessary things to pass this process. But once you pass it, you will get some training videos and guidance.

Six Figure Mentors

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is also an e-learning platform where one can learn skills and do courses related to business, marketing, technology, etc. The students are taught by industry experts to establish a successful online business. You can learn how to grow your affiliate marketing business by picking and promoting the right product.

With all these training and courses, there is an affiliate program through which people or students can earn a commission. SFM provides three kinds of memberships options, which are Student (Introductory), Essential and Elite (it is an add-on of Essential). These are three different memberships with different features and perks. The Student costs $29.95, while essential has a $297 enrollment fee and $97 monthly fee. The Elite is an add-on of $2500. You can promote Introductory and Essential to earn a commission. You get $20 on the introductory sales and $200 on essential sales. Further, if there is an active membership after the sign-up, then you also get $20 per month. You can see that affiliates earn a handsome commission from the products.

If you want to become an affiliate, then everything is ready for you. You will get affiliate links and sales funnel. You can automate follow-up and remarketing campaigns that make your work easy. Moreover, you will have a link generator to generate links for promotion. In addition to that, you can track the results as well. You will get all your sales reports and statistics so that you can improve and keep an eye on your earnings.

ClickBank University

ClickBank does not need an introduction. It is a platform with a wide range of digital and physical products. There is no doubt that all the products can be promoted by affiliates to earn an excellent commission. The commission amount depends on the product. Due to a high reputation and attractive commission, affiliate marketers and beginners love to promote the product, but not all people succeed. Promoting and selling a product is difficult, and you need expertise. Therefore, ClickBank has created a platform where you can learn all these things, and the platform is known as ClickBank University. The platform is made by ClickBank itself, so there is no question on its results.

After getting into ClickBank University, the person will learn tons of tactics and skills from experts who have made a successful affiliate business. An affiliate can promote ClickBank University as well. ClickBank university gives a commission on successful sales. There are different commissions for different products. The commission is up to $697. Furthermore, there is a $47 monthly subscription as well, on which the affiliate gets 75% as the initial commission and 25% as the recurring commission. So, you can get a commission every month if someone gets the subscription from your affiliate link.


ClickFunnels is an easy tool that helps businessmen and marketers to create a high converting sales funnel. You can easily create sales funnels on your own without paying anyone for the work. This is the reason that this tool is very demanding. This is an ideal choice to leverage the business and get more sales. The company also offers a unique affiliate platform where the affiliates can earn a commission. The best thing about this affiliate program is the monthly recurring commission. It means as long as the person buys ClickFunnels, you will get a commission. 

There are different levels of affiliates and their commissions. A new affiliate can earn 20% on each successful sale and monthly recurring commission. After earning $1000 as an affiliate, you can upgrade to an approved affiliate at 30%, so you can earn 30% on each sale. If you have 40 active ClickFunnel members, then you can upgrade to an approved affiliate at 40%. All these have a recurring commission, which is a great deal. In addition to that, on purchase of every “One Funnel Away” and “30 Days”, you get a $100 apart from your percentage commission.


Every blogger or affiliate marketer is familiar with Bluehost. It is a hosting platform that provides outstanding hosting. There is no doubt that they offer an excellent service to their customers, which is the reasons for back to back purchases. It is one of the leading companies in the world of hosting. They also offer an affiliate program. The program is straightforward as compared to other affiliate programs. You can earn $65 commission on each sign-up, that is it. Further, there is no fee to join. You can join anytime for free and start the promotion. You get a commission on all referrals, and everything is automated. Further, you can also customize your campaigns and get to know about the clicks, sign-up, etc.

Final Thought

Indeed, affiliate marketing is an excellent way for passive earning. But it needs a lot of hard work. We have listed some of the best affiliate marketing programs that are legitimate. All the programs are beneficial for the customer, and you also earn a commission. So, it is a win-win situation for both. You can work on any of the platforms and earn a good commission on every successful sale. Good Luck!

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