What is ClickFunnels? -Everything Explained

What is ClickFunnels? -Everything Explained

You might have heard a lot about ClickFunnels because there are many success stories and a large number of users. But you might not know what ClickFunnels is and what you can do with it. Therefore, we are going to explore everything about it. You will get a complete idea, so let’s start.

What is ClickFunnels?

This is the basic question when you hear “ClickFunnels”. In simple words, it is a software or tool that helps you to create high performing sales funnels for your business. It can help you grow your business by increasing sales and leads. You can easily build a complete automated process of sales through it. It is excellent for entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, online store owners, etc.

There are nearly 6.11M million funnels made through it and it has 100K users. Now you can imagine how much potential it has. It gives you a platform with which you can boost your sales and increase your profit. You have all the tools in it to excel and prosper.

Why I need ClickFunnels?

You might think that there are funnel specialists in the market, then why do you need ClickFunnels. You are right, there are thousands of people out there, but no one will cares about your business as you do. Moreover, you will have to pay again and again for improvement, changes, and anything you need. But ClickFunnels is an easy software that will help you manage your whole funnel on your own. You don’t need to take help from any other expert. If you know everything about ClickFunnels, then you are ready to go.

Moreover, if you try to make a sales funnel without ClickFunnels, then you will need a dozen of other things to make an excellent funnel. You will need a web hosting plan where your data will be stored. If you are a web designer and developer, then you can manage to make appealing web pages. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a page builder. You will need different marketing tools, email responders and many other things. All these things take a lot of time to set up and they can make you crazy. But ClickFunnels has everything in it. It is a complete tool and you can enjoy unlimited benefits. You can easily build sales funnel without thinking about any other third-party services.

You can easily design the funnel of your choice on your own. It empowers you to make a high converting funnel. Therefore, entrepreneurs and businessmen get ClickFunnels to leverage their businesses.

What Can You Do with ClickFunnels?

Let’s see what you can do with ClickFunnels. We will discuss some important things here.

Web Pages

For a sales funnel, you need to make webpages. There is a need for sales page, order page, thank you page and other pages according to your business. You can design web pages with the help of ClickFunnels, you will not need any page paid page builder. It gives you everything to make an appealing page with ease. You just need to use drag and drop to create the page. Moreover, there are templates as well to help you in making an excellent funnel.

Payment Gateways

You will need to get paid for your sales, so ClickFunnels allows you to take payment through different methods. You can get paid using PayPal API, Apple/Android Pay, EasyPayDirect and many more. There are some third party methods as well such as Warrior Plus, ClickBank, etc.

Thus, ClickFunnels solves the issue of getting payments. The payment will be completely secure with encryption. They take care of thefts and attacks. So, you get tension-free after integrating the payment gateway.

Follow-up/Email Automation

In business, it is necessary to follow up and use automated emails. Your customers wait for your response and they can be disheartened if you don’t reply. It is obvious that you will not be free to leave the reply every time. So, to make your business successful, you need an autoresponder. ClickFunnels provides you an autoresponder to remain in touch with your customers.

Result Analysis

You need to analyze the results of your sales funnel whether it is performing well or not. Analyzing allows you to figure out the flaws and problems with your sales funnel. So, you can make it better. ClickFunnels have everything to keep track of your results. You will get to know about the conversions, audience, clicks and everything you need to know.

Can I Start Working on ClickFunnels Today?

We have talked a lot about ClickFunnels that it can make your business successful, increase your sales and lots of other things. But it is not a magic wand that will help you accomplish your goal overnight. If you want to make high converting and successful sales funnel, then we recommend you get the official courses. The courses are directly offered by ClickFunnels founder and experts, so you will get to know about the correct use. Moreover, these courses are not very expensive. The latest “One Funnel Away Challenge” was a $100 course. So, you should get the course before you start to try on your own. You can save time in this way. Further, you will get to know about the successful strategies from the experts.

ClickFunnels can make your business successful; there is no doubt. There are many people entrepreneurs and businessmen working with it. You can start today but learn it before you use it. Surprisingly, they also offer 14-day trials on courses and ClickFunnels. If you want to know more, then taking a trial course is the best option.


ClickFunnels is an excellent and simple tool for driving traffic, increasing sales and getting more leads. It makes your work a lot easier than you think. You will not need any web hosting, email marketing tools, web page builders and other things because ClickFunnels is a complete package. You can easily make your own converting sales funnel without the need of an expert. It helps you boost your business. The only thing you need to do is to take the proper course from the official website to get successful, then you can do astonishing things with it.

Sign up here and get a 14 Day Free Trial!


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